The Seedling

I awake as from a dream

Others stand around me.

I hold a small pot in my hands. It contains a tiny seedling reaching upward out of rich black soil.

“Why are you holding the small pot with the tiny seedling?”

I don't know. I have just awakened.

“What are you going to do with it?”

I will feed and water it. Otherwise, it will die.

“If you fall asleep again, will it wither and die?”

I must not fall asleep again - at least not for long.

“If you awaken again soon, why are you worried?”

If I sleep too long and awaken, the seedling will be dead. I do not have the power to bring it back to life.

“What will you do then?”

I will fall asleep again.

“When will you next awaken?”

I will never again awaken.